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Homer, Alaska

Fish Processing Homer Alaska

"The faster fish is frozen the better flavor and texture it will have when thawed."

Homer Fish Processing is located at 1302 Ocean Drive in Homer, Alaska.
Right below A Fisherman's Resort, next door to the Fresh Sour Dough Express & Bakery Cafe and directly across from Alyeska Tires.
We offer commercial quality custom fish processing in Homer and fresh wild Alaska fish sales to Alaska and the lower 48 states.
We blast freeze your catch in commercial freezers operating at 40 degrees below zero and holding freezers at 10 degrees below zero.

Fish Processing

High quality processing ensures the longevity and freshness of your catch.

Gift Packs

Alaskan seafood is the perfect gift for the seafood lover or the person who has everything.

Seafood Selection

Our family has been fishing for over 30 years and we know how to recognize quality seafood.

100% wild Alaskan

Salmon, Halibut, Scallops, King Crab and Ling Cod.

Our Process

Your Alaska Fish - as fresh as the day you caught it!
Commercial Quality Custom Fish Processing.


No Sulfates ~ No Nitrates ~ No Preservatives ~ No Middleman

"We control the quality from the time the fish is landed until it arrives at your doorstep."

Our high quality processing ensures the longevity and freshness of your catch. When your fish arrive at Homer Fish Processing they are promptly cleaned, vacuum sealed, and frozen at -40 F. This process preserves the condition of your fish so they will taste the same coming out of your freezer as they do coming fresh out of the water. Our state of the art facility and knowledgeable staff can accomodate any custom processing needs you may have.

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How do I get my fish home?
Fed Ex:

To ensure your fish arrives as fresh as the day you caught it, we ship exclusively using Federal Express Overnight Delivery. Your catch is processed, frozen, boxed and stored at 20 degrees below zero until the shipping date of your choice. Our shipping days are Monday through Wednesday. We ship throughout the United States and Canada.

As Checked Luggage:

For customers who plan to take their boxed fish with them as checked baggage, our custom packing ensures your container will not exceed specifications. The airlines currently allows 2-50# boxes checked as luggage.

Seafood Boxes:

Airplane approved or Fed Ex shipping boxes. We use seafood industry approved boxes made of waxed impregnated, multi-walled, fiberboard/cardboard that surrounds an additional one inch Styrofoam insulated liner to enhance container integrity and increase insulation value. Our seafood boxes have been tested by delivery services for holding temperatures and meet airline and air freight requirements.

Box Prices:
  • Extra Large: $26.00 (50-60 pounds)
  • Large: $22.00 (35-50 pounds)
  • Medium: $17.00 (20-35 pounds)
  • Small: $16.00 (10-20 pounds)
  • Extra Small $16.00 (1-10 pounds)
  • *Gel Packs: $2.00 each*
  • Vacuum Pack and Freezing: $1.25/lb
  • Vacuum Pack and Flash Freezing: $1.55/lb
  • Vacuum Pack Only: $1.10/lb
  • Freezing Only: $0.70/lb
  • Skin Off: $0.15/lb
  • Whole Salmon-Fillet/Vac/Freeze: $1.60/lb
  • Whole Halibut-Fillet/Vac/Freeze: $1.35/lb
  • Whole Salmon-Fillet/Vac Pack Only: $1.50/lb
  • Whole Halibut-Vac Pack Only: $1.25/lb
  • Whole Rockfish-Vac/Pack/Freeze: $1.45/lb
  • Salmon, Halibut, and Cod Smoking: $5.00 (5 lb. minimum)
  • Storage (per box per day): $10.00

Retail Seafood Selection


We have fresh Alaskan Seafood for sale!

Give us a call to order, we will pack it and ship it to you.
If you would like a gift pack call us for recommendations or you can build your own.

Alaskan King Crab
King Crab
$31.99 per pound
King Salmon
King Salmon
$24.99 per pound
Red Sockeye Salmon
Red (Sockeye) Salmon
$13.99 per pound
Silver Coho Salmon
Silver (Coho) Salmon
$13.99 per pound
Smoked Red Salmon
Smoked Red Salmon
$17.99 per pound
$19.99 per pound
$21.99 per pound
Black Cod
Black Cod
$17.99 per pound
Yellow Eye Rockfish
Yellow Eye Rockfish
$12.99 per pound
Canned Smoked Salmon
Canned Smoked Salmon
$10.00 per can

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